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If you want to suggest a new suffix or log message, please reply to this thread with the below information;

- The suffix wording - what it will say, including the end brackets, like [Example]
- The suffix colouring - how it will appear, if you want to test this you can use this link
- (Optional) The suffix theme - if you want this suffix to appear in a specific themed month, like Halloween/October

Log Messages:
- The join message - what will be sent when a player joins with the log message
- The leave message - what will be sent when a player leaves with the log message
- (Optional) The log message name - what it will be called

Edit: I don’t think Day got the point of this thread so I’ve expanded its purpose. If you want to suggest server ranks or spams, please reply to this thread with the below information;

- The rank name - e.g. Gold, Titanium, Platinum
- The rank position - where it places in the existing ranks (Gold is the lowest, Platinum the highest)
- The rank prefix - format is the same as suffixes
- The shops/auctions increase - how many additional player shops and concurrent auctions the rank can have (over the next lowest rank)
- The inherited permissions - what permissions it gets when compared to the existing ranks (e.g. /nick and /rename)
- (Optional) The custom permissions - what exclusive permissions this rank will have

- The spam content - what everyone will say when the spam is purchased
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