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Casual Towny Rules

T1: Only players in nations at war are permitted to PvP in the wilderness. Any attempt to bypass anti-PvP may be punished. Claiming a chunk in wilderness with pvp on to kill a peaceful player is also not allowed.

T2: Claimblocking is not allowed and will be reverted without warning or your money back.1

T3: Griefing of any type in a claim is prohibited2, and we will revert/punish depending on the situation. However, if your build is in an unclaimed area we are not responsible for any damage done to your property, including loss of mobs. Major griefing in the wilderness (Ex: Lavacasts) is also not allowed. Additionally, any overt act that prohibits the travel of others by any standard means (namely; boats and icerails) is not allowed.3

T4: Insiding is not allowed. Insiding is defined as stealing items maliciously and/or betraying your town during times of war.

T5: Trapping of any kind is prohibited and is a bannable offense. (this includes spawn killing and tp-trapping). Trapping is defined as something that restrains the player’s movement and/or ability to fight Back. Having someone teleport to you and instantly killing them is also not allowed.

T6: Scamming other players is a serious offense. Make sure that you put precautions in place to make sure that you have evidence of all parts of a trade in-case a player is scamming you. Please note, however, that you trade with players at your own risk – we do not take the liability for it, and are not responsible for returning anything lost.

1 It is advised to keep evidence of an agreement between yourself and the mayor of another town when they let you place the claims of your town near theirs.
2 This does not include town ruins.
3 Any bridge over any body of water must have at least 2 blocks of air between the water and the bottom of the bridge.
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