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1. Keep all content respectful and appropriate.
- If you think it might be disrespectful or inappropriate, don't say it.​
- Content of an adult or sexual nature is strictly prohibited. The general guideline for this is that content must be "PG-13" or below.​

2. Racism, sexism, or other forms of bigotry are strictly prohibited.
- Do not use racial slurs or bigoted remarks (e.g. concerning English abilities or choice of pronouns) towards other users. SMPEarth is a place for others to feel comfortable in expressing themselves.​

3. Any form of trolling, flaming, flame-baiting, or being overly aggressive towards other users it not permitted.
- Keep discussion civil. Do not harass or threaten other users, or use SMPEarth as a place to coordinate attacks on others.​
- Keep discussion relevant. Do not derail threads with irrelevant material. The offtopic section is for threads that don't fit within any other category of the forums. They should still stay on track with their given topic.​
- Do not insult other users. If it isn't nice, just don't say it. Even if another user is insulting you, it is best to just report their content and move on. “Defending yourself” isn’t an excuse.​

4. Do not abuse any feature of the forums or your privileges may be revoked.
- Do not attempt to bypass restrictions such as minimum character or word count.​
- Do not access the forums via automated mechanisms.​
- Do not blank out question threads after you have received an answer.​

5. Swearing should be used in moderation.
- Shouldn't be directed at other people, brands, businesses or groups.​
- Shouldn't be excessive.​
- Shouldn't contravene other rules.​

6. Do not post content in the wrong category.
- SMPEarth has several categories available to allow us to keep content organized. Please post in the correct category, and if you are unsure, post it in what you think is the closest match.​
- Please be aware that content may be moved if we find it fits better in another category, if this occurs a temporary redirect will be left in its place​

7. No advertising videos, products, or services.
- Threads and posts advertising or requesting products/services will be removed without warning. This includes hosting services and YouTube videos.​
- Affiliate links may not be used in forum posts.​
- Sending unsolicited private messages to users containing any sort of offer, recommendation, service, product, etc. is not allowed.​

8. Do not threaten other users, servers, or communities.
- We do not support hate towards others, including, but not limited to threatening DDoS attacks, harassment, or similar activities.​
- Any release of private or personal information is not permitted under any circumstances. This includes addresses, locations, or IP addresses.​

9. Keep content in English as much as possible.
- Please use a translating service to translate your content before posting if you are unable to speak English.​
- English speaking users should be kind and courteous to other users who aren’t as fluent in English. Deliberately harassing the user for a lack of English proficiency is not permitted.​

10. Discussion or distribution of illegal content is not permitted in any form.
- This includes, but is not limited to pirated content and nulled licences for paid software.​
- In addition to this, the community will not support users of such software.​
- It is not permitted to give or request advice of a legal nature on these forums. Such requests should be handled by a legal professional licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.​

11. Creation of multiple accounts is not permitted.
- You are responsible for all actions performed by your account. Keeping your account secure is your responsibility. "I was hacked" and "It was my friend/brother" are not excuses. We provide additional mechanisms such as "two factor authentication" to help you with this.​
- Usage of a public proxy or VPN is at your own risk. If the IP address you use is shared with banned users, you too may be banned.​
- Using an alternative account to bypass a ban or other punishment will result in an extension of your punishment.​
- Discussion of your ban, or other user's bans is strictly prohibited.​

12. If you require staff assistance, please open a report. Do not private message staff members.
- Please only use the support email address, for questions that require admin intervention. Typical wait times for a response are on the order of one week.​

13. These rules are subject to change at any time and are in no way permanent. We are not responsible for notifying you of changes.

14. Moderator's decisions are final and may involve enforcement of other unlisted rules.
- Any complaints about a staff members actions must be directed to the Executive Director of Administration at​

Punishment System
  • Punishments for violations of these rules are issued by moderators and highly dependent on context. The following is provided as a guideline only and extreme variations may be encountered:
    • The more specific the rule is, the harsher the punishment will be. This means for example that if you make a slightly rude post, it may just be deleted with a warning, whereas if you post a malicious resource then the punishment may be an instant ban.
    • Moderators will always consider previous behaviour before issuing a punishment. This means that persistent rule breakers will be subject to progressively harsher punishments and may ultimately be permanently excluded from our services.
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SMPEarth was originally a private, whitelisted Minecraft server, featuring a custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the Earth, exclusive to a group of selected popular Minecraft creators and streamers. Now, SMPEarth is publicly accessible on Java Edition where anyone can join. Boasting a community of 7000+ members and 2 main servers to choose from and experience (Casual Towny and Siege Towny), SMPEarth's primary goal is to become the most advanced Earth server in Minecraft.


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