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First off, We love our devs and everything they do. We know they are busy. We all also can see the player count isn't what it used to be. We all want more things to do as the current selection gets repetitive after some time. Now it doesn't even need to be anything crazy, something as simple as reworking simple things like fishing, would offer new ways to play and earn money. Also, once you get to the point of having an established town, armor and tools, money becomes almost worthless. We need a reason to keep grinding. I'm offering up some ideas of some things I've seen that I've personally liked;

Space - First, I know a space update is in the works.... but there are plenty of great plugins already. Space would give players a reason to get online and work for something.

Weapons - I know this is a bit of a touchy area, but adding guns into smpe would offer cool items to purchase with your money, or work for all the pieces and craft your own. If guns had a large cost to outright buy, players could work to collect cash and purchase, or make it interesting to craft the weapon and its related accessories and ammunition. Either way this would give players a reason to gather cash and make wars and fight more interesting since we've had the basic attacks for what seems like forever.

Chest Shops and Area for Trading. Players would be able to open their own stall in a large communal marketplace to sell their items. Upfront cost to open and rent.

Beefing up vanilla things - For example Fishing. lets be real fishing is not fun after the first few catches. Plugings like Ultimate Fishing change the way fishing works. New types of fish can be caught, different biomes produce different fish, how you fish(land or in a boat), where (ocean, pond, river). UF also adds tournaments, so players can compete to see who can bag the largest trophy catch.

There's so much more, but I think the vanilla flavor has lost its touch.

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I support this, reworking parts of or the entire server (experience) would probably boost the player count quite a bit.

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