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ok so basically i have zero access to my discord account - that has been true for the past like 2 months, what's new with smpearth ive been gone for a bit


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Goodluck to getting your account back qw3rty! Currently we've had a few updates to the server.

All the servers are officially running 1.20 which brings new blocks, items & mobs! Shops
  • Head over to the Carpenter to pick your share of the new Cherry Wood!
  • Baron the Builder has acquired some of the new Bamboo blocks and now sells them for a reduced price, whilst you're there you can now pick-up the new invisible item frames for any builds that need that extra touch!
  • The Zoologist now has a new cuddly friend you can adopt, The Camel!
  • The Island of Casual is experiencing tremors creating sinkholes around the place so watch your step, head over to /warp Portal? to see the aftermath of The Entity after his plans were foiled by the Scientist
  • The other islands have also received makeovers for the release of 1.20!
  • Introducing a Siege exclusive shop, The Fashionesta!
  • The Fashionesta is your go to for all your Armour Trim needs, you can find her in the basement of the hoarders home at /warp hoarder so check it out now!
  • You are already able to find two trimmed templates on Casual & Siege so you better get hunting!
  • We have increased the max residents in a town from 75 -> 100 as well as increasing the capitals from 90 -> 120
  • We've also fixed an issue where players were able to deposit money into any town regardless of their Nation
  • The Cooldown to rejoin a Job after leaving it has been reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours, we will monitor to see what you guys think of this:)
  • This month we do have more in store for the server which is why you may have noticed some changes in suggestions so keep an eye out on our discord and on the server for any new changes in the following few weeks
  • The underground Trail Ruins will come to SMPEarth shortly as we did with Ancient Cities so get your Brush's ready :)
  • Once they have been added more 1.20 items will be added to game, but you may be able to get some already with /daily
  • The Nether & End have been slightly postponed on Utopia but we are working on it and will let you know once we're closer to releasing them!
  • Gunpowder sell price has been raised to $5
  • All variations of the Item Frames (Normal, Glow & Invisible) can now be purchased from The Builder
  • Sea Lanterns can also now be purchased from The Builder
  • Grass Blocks can now be purchased from The Moleman
  • Turtle Eggs can now be adopted from The Zoologist
  • Large Ferns can now be purchased from The Florist
  • Andesite, Diorite & Granite can now be sold at The Builder
  • Clay Balls can also now be purchased from The Moleman

/afk is now an available command for all players across the network Towny fly pots will now work within all towns in your nation Towny fly pots will now work within towns which you are trusted (/t trust add <username>). To remove a players trust, use (/t trust remove <username>).

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