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- Enable death crate stealing (Everyone can steal it before the dead player find it)

- Fix villagers not reacting (Freeze, hard to get jobs)
- Spawners: Horse, Pigs and more transforming into Chicken spawner (glitch)
- Allow traps but only outside the spawn, with some rules (Not spawntrap or tptrap/kill)
- Fix the teleportation system, it tp back to the last place you were for no reason.
- Add supply crates around the world to get some stuff. A chest spawns every 10 minutes and unspawn every 30 minutes in wilderness
With the coordinates said in chat.
villagers spawners for now are working fine
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Death crate stealing is a thing, 10 minutes after the user dies (assuming the dead person didn’t get it yet)


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Death Crate stealing is intentionally not possible for the first 10 minutes on Casual (it’s called Casual for a reason). However, on Siege, we’ll look into it.
If you’ve experience a bug regarding villagers, please report it using this form.
We’re aware of the issue with spawners, and will get to a fix as soon as we can (it’s not super high priority).
We’re also aware of the glitch with the tp system, afaik we aren’t currently working on a fix, and it may not be possible. In the meantime, you can just re-run the tp command.
We’re already looking into supply crates.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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