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Hey! So I'm here with a fun little Egg Hunt Event!

This will take place at all the Casual servers continent warps where you will need to search and find the chests with an item frame and egg on it!

There will be 3 rounds, where at each warp there is 3 chests. Only at Europe and Antarctica you do not need to search, they are there behind the warp you just need to pick one! (Sorry Nerdy I have temp changed one of the claims at Europe, I'll change back after the event)

Inside will be a guaranteed prize of $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000! In addition, I have included some of our custom SMPE items, some that you are no longer able to obtain!

The chests are indistinguishable, what you claim is what you win, I don't want to hear any complaining!

I must also note that you are only able to claim one chest throughout the entire event. So chose wisely :) You also might want to know that there will only be one chest in the whole event where you could win $1,000,000 and the ability to chose any suffix currently on the store to have! It is randomly placed, and there is no way of knowing which warp, chest or round it is in!

So you really do need to make a good choice!

Any chests that aren't claimed before the next round is up will be deleted, so don't think too long about it!

So some rules to keep this fair:
  • You cannot sell coordinates of chests you find, but you may tell others where they are!
  • You cannot use an alt to claim a prize for a second time. If you attempt to, your first prize will be taken off you.
  • Whoever claims a chest first wins it, this is also posted on the Discord so if the chest is claimed first there, that person wins it! I want to ensure that all our players can participate in this event :)
Please reply to this forum post with your claimed chest!

When you find or decide you want to claim a chest you need to clarify where you found it!
So if you find a chest at the Australia warp, please clarify that, if you say the wrong warp name, your claim is disqualified.

To correctly claim a chest you need to post the coordinates.

If you have claimed a chest, please encourage other players to participate! Invite them to the discord or point them towards the forums page here. With their being the potential for 63 winners, I'd like to see some older and newer names participating!!

Any questions please DM the SMPEarth modmail bot in the discord, or /mail send ImHemmy <message> in-game!
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All of the chests in Australia and Asia have been claimed! GGs!

There is 1 chest in North America and South America left, with the others still have a couple!

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