Casual Towny Let nation helpers and diplomats be able to deposit money! :)

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・What do you mean by letting nation helpers and diplomats be able to deposit money?

Firstly, towny has a feature that allows nation members with ranks (leader/co-owner/assistant only for now) to deposit money into towns in the same nation.
(e.g /n deposit [$amount] [name of the town in the same nation] )

It is a great feature, however, as I said, nation members with helper/diplomat ranks won't be able to use this feature because of the permission issue.

I've suggested it because multiple nation helpers in my nation demanded to use this feature and I think we should give more people opportunities to help with the daily upkeep of the towns in the same nation as well.

Please consider! and thank you for reviewing our suggestions :)


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iirc, we have bank plots enabled, which allow town members to deposit money. For more information, check out the Towny Wiki on bank plots.

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