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Global Rules

Note: Please claim any and all items. SMPEarth staff are not responsible for lost items due to stealing. If you have accidentally left on permissions we are not responsible for returning the lost items.

G1: Builds that display NSFW/offensive content are prohibited. This includes signs and books.

G2: Your Minecraft name/skin must not be offensive, nor contain NSFW or PG-13 content.

G3: Impersonating other users in an attempt to deceive someone is prohibited. This includes mini-modding.

G4: Glitch abuse is a very serious offense. The decision of whether or not something is abuse of a glitch will be decided by the moderators. If you find a glitch, please report it immediately in the SMPearth Community Discord server. Do not share glitches with other people, and do not use it to your advantage. Any sort of glitching (including, but not limited to, enderpearl/vehicle/boat/ entity glitching) that allows you to get through a previously blocked wall will be counted as abusing a bug/glitch.

G5: Respect decisions made by all staff. If you have any concerns regarding staff and their decisions, please DM either an admin or a manager. Please do not argue with or harass staff members in public chats, preferably with someone other than the staff member who punished you.

G6: We allow the usage of three accounts per IP address. If more are logged into the network at any time we may take action depending on severity. If you have siblings who also play on our server, and are inappropriately punished, please contact us via a ban appeal.

G7: Any use of lag machines/farms/builds that cause server/client lag will be punishable depending on the severity.

G8: Players who are complicit in rule-breaking will be held as accountable for the rule being broken as the player violating the rule.

G9: Exploiting our rule system to benefit yourself in any way is a punishable offense. Any action that attempts to bypass a rule in some way, such that the action would not fit the definition of the rule that is being bypassed, is still punishable.

G10: The use of proxies or VPNs are strictly prohibited unless pre-authorized by the leadership team.

Severe Rules

S1: In the event that you are punished by server staff for breaking any rules, attempts to evade the punishment through the use of alternate accounts or commands will result in an extension of the existing punishment.

S2: Client modifications that give any competitive advantage over players are strictly forbidden. 1

S3: Chargebacks on store purchases are strictly prohibited.

S4: Please do not share other people’s personal information such as real names, addresses, other social media accounts, etc. without their permission. Sharing this with malicious intent may be construed as doxxing, which will result in an instant ban.

S5: Any trading that include real life objects, possessions, or money will be considered bannable. This includes purchases on our server store.

1 Macros, Autoclickers, and other programs that help you execute actions are not allowed under any circumstances. However, this does not prevent you from using real-life modifications (e.g. keyboard weights) however please bear in mind it is difficult to prove this.

Chat Rules
Following these rules is a crucial element to keeping our server safe and fun for everyone, regardless of age. Chat rules relate to all available channels unless otherwise stated within the rule itself: from general chat, to /msg, to allied Towny chat, as well as town/nation names, signs, written books, item names, etc.

C1: Avoid harassing other players or staff. This applies to all chats - whether it is general, towny, alliance chat, /message, or any other available channel. 1

C2: Spamming is prohibited in all available channels. This includes sending repeated messages, sending different messages with quick succession, character spam, sending repeated messages in all, or majority, caps, misusing /report, or misusing /gift. 2

C3: Keep chat PG-13. This is primarily enforced in regards to Not Safe For Work (“NSFW”) content. However, excessive swearing or cursing is also prohibited. 3

C4: Including any offensive content in conversation in any form is prohibited in all available channels. This includes topics such as politics, religion, acts of violence, sexual content, suicide/self-harm, and other serious topics. Hate speech, including racial slurs, sexist or homophobic statements, or derivatives thereof are not tolerated.

C5: If applicable, your Minecraft /nick must be compliant with all of our rules, as well as the following criteria:
> Easily readable and typable with a QWERTY keyboard (i.e. no fully “&k” nicknames)
> Contains no inappropriate content

C6: All player-related drama is to be dealt with outside of public chat channels.

C7: Advertisement of other Minecraft servers, giveaways of non-Minecraft items, one’s own social media/content creation channels, or things of similar nature are prohibited without prior approval from leadership. This includes advertisements in all available channels, on signs or in written books. Advertising in-game trades or shops is allowed, but please refrain from reposting advertising messages too frequently.

C8: English is required in all public chat channels.

1 This includes gatekeeping.
2 Weapon/tool names that are excessively long are not allowed, and will be punished as if the player had spammed the message.
3 Swearing in moderation is allowed, and will not be punished.
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