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Hey, i'd like to pitch some ideas to improve war on Casual Towny!
1. Once both nations enemy, they can not unenemy until they do a certain command (E.g /surrender) once one side has entered that comand a nation can demand towns, or money from players and nations, this not only makes it so War is still optional, but also makes it so its more fair and maybe even fun!
2. Disable outlawing during War :( makes it no fun.
3. Allow certain towns in a nation to declare neutrality so they cant be harmed during War.

maybe if we implement these kinds of features we can bring a better war system to Casual, without copying Siege and also it remaining an optional feature!


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On point one, I'd say maybe both towns add town-demands in the event of a surrender beforehand, so that terms are laid out clearly.
On point two, yes.
On point three, I believe this is /t set peaceful, though I may be wrong


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omg these would be such good ideas, i like the idea of having a /surrender command, and the ability for towns to opt out and remain neutral.

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