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  1. Gamer153

    Revamp SMPE

    I support this, reworking parts of or the entire server (experience) would probably boost the player count quite a bit.
  2. Gamer153

    Resolved Automatic Trick-Or-Treat suffix

    You don't seem to have got my point; the plugin could easily give you the suffix and the permission for it but the problem is that you need the all pumpkins on all three servers to unlock it. The plugin is not currently able to check if the player got the pumpkins on the other servers too, so if...
  3. Gamer153

    Server organisation

    Casual towny is the most active server and I think it's mainly because you can pvp if you want to but it's mostly just building/running a town/making money/... and not having to deal with other players being able to kill you. Siege is gaining a bit more attention now, but casual is still...
  4. Gamer153

    Resolved Automatic Trick-Or-Treat suffix

    This isn't as easy as just writing a GUI (also, why would we use JavaScript for that?), since the plugin would need to sync player data across the three servers. This isn't as easy to do as just checking if the player has all pumpkins, a system like this might be implemented next year though.
  5. Gamer153

    SMPEarth has Parties now!

    oh, I forgot to write that we have party chat now, a private chat with just you and the people in your party i've added it to the post, thanks for asking :)
  6. Gamer153

    SMPEarth has Parties now!

    We have parties on SMPEarth now! This means you can have a private chat with just your friends now, the party chat. Just do /pc <message> or /ps <message> to send a message to everyone in the party (across servers too). create one with /party create <name> invite people with /party invite...
  7. Gamer153

    New Server Rank

    Yeah, the developers had this discussion when we introduced /tfly (Plat had unlimited tfly in towns for a bit I think), but because of player and staff backlash and us disagreeing we removed it again. Thats why /tfly potions exist now, btw
  8. Gamer153

    New Item Display Option - Toggle Glowing

    You can now toggle the glowing outline for the item on an item display by clicking the glowstone dust in the edit GUI:
  9. Gamer153

    New: Item Displays

    We've added a new custom block: Item Displays! These allow you to show off any item you own on a block of your choice (default: glass). Other players can right click it to see more details about the item. You can either craft them: Or buy them from the shops: You can edit the item display...
  10. Gamer153

    /trustedinfo and /outlawinfo (and some minor changes)

    1. No, it doesnt apply to /nick 2. Previosly, if you did /rename &#a2b3ccItem&#16251aName, that would count as 24 characters, even though the actual name of the item is just 8 characters long (ItemName). Now it only counts those 8 characters.
  11. Gamer153

    /trustedinfo and /outlawinfo (and some minor changes)

    You can now do: /trustedinfo to view the towns you're trusted in and /outlawinfo to view the towns you're outlawed in. It looks something like this: Other minor changes: /rename now only considers the actual item name without colors or styles for the 100 character limit. Log messages now...
  12. Gamer153

    New: /weekly - The Weekly Challenge Scoreboard

    You can now do /weekly to view the current weekly challenge hint and the leaderboard (refreshes every 2 minutes):
  13. Gamer153

    Casual Towny Refresh button on Auction House

    @TheVortex There is a Refresh button already, it's the compass at the bottom: (I understand if you haven't noticed it though, it's kinda hard to notice if you're not looking at every item in the menu)
  14. Gamer153

    Finishing the Anniversary Update

    Before this update, whenever you bought an item, the price changed by 0.000075 %, now its changing by 0.000375 %.
  15. Gamer153

    Finishing the Anniversary Update

    As a finishing touch for the Anniversary Update, some other things have changed: Shops have some new items, like the Mangrove logs and other items now offered by the Carpenter or the new Froglights offered by the Builder. Prices change five times as fast now. (This might be subject to change...
  16. Gamer153

    Auction House Update - Search and Categories (also lag fix)

    You can now search and filter by categories using these two new buttons at the top of the auction house: You can also use /ah search to open the new search GUI. All search inputs are case-insensitive. (Also, the lag is fixed for now. Please be aware of some issues with custom items when...
  17. Gamer153

    Implemented /seteffect

    I've added an option for No Effect, should be available on all servers after the next restart.
  18. Gamer153

    Auction House is back up!

    A duplication bug with the auction house has been fixed, and the auction house is back up now. You can resell all items quickly by just pressing the drop key on the items in the expired items menu.
  19. Gamer153

    Casual Towny Auction House

    Thanks for the ideas, I'm gonna start working on this.
  20. Gamer153

    Auction House Improvements

    Added item in main auction house and confirm buy GUI that shows your balance. Disabled some items like sticks to be sold on the AH to stop it from clogging up with useless items.

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SMPEarth was originally a private, whitelisted Minecraft server, featuring a custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the Earth, exclusive to a group of selected popular Minecraft creators and streamers. Now, SMPEarth is publicly accessible on Java Edition where anyone can join. Boasting a community of 7000+ members and 2 main servers to choose from and experience (Casual Towny and Siege Towny), SMPEarth's primary goal is to become the most advanced Earth server in Minecraft.


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