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  1. BlueFyreMatt

    put warnings for purchass askimg abt parents n stuff

    This unfortunately isn't something we can change, we use Tebex to run our store and all we can do is add packages to their system, we can't make any modifications to their website. I've just had a look and there isn't any outstanding suggestions for an age verification or age gate, so you could...
  2. BlueFyreMatt

    Better plot usage.

    Its a great concept, but the issue is the implementation. We don't own the Towny plugin and therefore making modifications to the claiming features is more challenging. From doing some research a suggestion similar to this for Towny was made in 2011 and it was implemented in some capacity, but...
  3. BlueFyreMatt

    Thats so epic of you bestie

    Thats so epic of you bestie
  4. BlueFyreMatt

    If you had the ability to add any Suffix to SMPEarth, what would it be and the colours?

    There's some great suggestions in here, to keep it easy to access for future I'm sticking it so we can come into here for ideas... Keep them coming!
  5. BlueFyreMatt

    Official Helper Applications!

    Hey Gamers, First off, welcome to the new website! It's been in the works for around 3 months now so I'm glad to see everyones positive feedback about it! If you do have any suggestions or bugs, don't forget to send them on the forums in their relevant categories! :cool: Now we're coming up to...
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    Wow! SMPEarth new website! So epic!!

    Wow! SMPEarth new website! So epic!!
  8. BlueFyreMatt

    Implement better advertising.

    Do you have any specific ideas for this? I'm sure our Social media taem would appreciate some suggestions!
  9. BlueFyreMatt

    Casual Towny Lower Book Prices

    The server shops will always be a higher price because they're used to help moderate the servers economy (that way you can never drastically increase or decrease an items price because you can always buy/sell it from the spawn shops at a fair price), however I agree that $5k is a bit excessive...
  10. BlueFyreMatt

    Hello Som

    Hello Som
  11. BlueFyreMatt

    among us

    I wasn't in the hallways? Sus...
  12. BlueFyreMatt

    Official Global, Chat & Severe Rules

    Global Rules Note: Please claim any and all items. SMPEarth staff are not responsible for lost items due to stealing. If you have accidentally left on permissions we are not responsible for returning the lost items. G1: Builds that display NSFW/offensive content are prohibited. This includes...
  13. BlueFyreMatt

    Casual Towny Casual Towny Rules

    Casual Towny Rules T1: Only players in nations at war are permitted to PvP in the wilderness. Any attempt to bypass anti-PvP may be punished. Claiming a chunk in wilderness with pvp on to kill a peaceful player is also not allowed. T2: Claimblocking is not allowed and will be reverted without...
  14. BlueFyreMatt

    Siege Towny Siege Towny Rules

    Siege Towny Rules X1: Griefing of any type in a claim is prohibited, and we will revert/punish depending on the situation. However, if your build is in an unclaimed area, we are not responsible for any damage done to your property, including loss of mobs. Major griefing in the wilderness (Ex...
  15. BlueFyreMatt

    Terms Defined

    All terms listed below are terms used throughout this document. As such, reading and understanding these terms is essential to understanding the server rules. Please note that all rules listed below apply exclusively to the SMPEarth network of servers, and do not carry over onto the SMPEarth...
  16. BlueFyreMatt

    Official SMPEarth Forum Rules

    Rules 1. Keep all content respectful and appropriate. - If you think it might be disrespectful or inappropriate, don't say it. - Content of an adult or sexual nature is strictly prohibited. The general guideline for this is that content must be "PG-13" or below. 2. Racism, sexism...
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    no u

    no u
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    no me

    no me

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SMPEarth was originally a private, whitelisted Minecraft server, featuring a custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the Earth, exclusive to a group of selected popular Minecraft creators and streamers. Now, SMPEarth is publicly accessible on Java Edition where anyone can join. Boasting a community of 7000+ members and 2 main servers to choose from and experience (Casual Towny and Siege Towny), SMPEarth's primary goal is to become the most advanced Earth server in Minecraft.

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